Weekend – ponies and pattern drafting

Well despite Friday’s result, I have had a lovely weekend. Yesterday I accompanied a couple of the girls and horses to a local show. It was pretty quiet but the weather stayed mostly fine, so we had a lush time. I don’t have show appropriate clothes myself, nor is that side of things a priority for me (after all, we’re really there for the kids and teenagers to have these opportunities), but even so I got to have a little toddle around on horseback once the girls were done with their classes. And, who’d have seen it coming, the heavens opened! We got rather drenched, but it was ace anyway. 

Anyhow, I was convinced to have a picture (don’t like being in front of the camera). And I actually ended up loving the resulting snap. There is a nice sort of symmetry about it when compared to a snap of me and my pony Freddie from about 20 years ago. Here you are… 

On the left, scrawny Fred as a youngster and me, about 12 or 13? Then on the right, Buster from the stables I volunteer at and me, at 33 (eek!). Time flies. And in amongst all that I had a spell of about 10 horse-less years which I’m sure you’re bored of hearing about by now… But it just keeps surprising me, how happy I am to be around ponies again and how silly I was to be away from them for so long. 

I’m in the studio right now. Have just had a one-to-one session of pattern drafting, teaching a lovely corsetmaker all about my own “rough and ready” approach to patterning. Everyone’s brain processes this stuff differently and I tend to be very visual, thinking more about pretty proportions and lines than precise formulas and such. Hopefully there’ll have been some useful ideas in there for my student. 

A bespoke pattern showing a couple of edge variations, from 2010. 
A bespoke pattern showing a couple of edge variations, from 2010. 

Unrelated memo to self: buy some blue thread… Oh, and some more pewter lace trim. I got some for a piece that we’re doing but didn’t order enough really, could do with another 5m or so. Or a whole roll, just because it’s gorgeous, haha. 

Speaking of gorgeous, here’s pretty PopAntique/VictoriaDagger (right) in the Falling Blossoms corset that I gifted her as a wedding present last year. So much luscious colour, I’m loving the richly pink hair and stockings. 

Right, time for a late lunch I think. There’s been work happening on my boat today (or rather, there was meant to be, I haven’t been there to see if everything went according to plan), so that’s exciting! Step by step, ever closer to getting it really nice. 

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