Not sewing

Ahhh, tired, whyyyyy… 

We’ve been cleaning the studio again today. And though that shouldn’t be an especially mentally taxing task, my brain is now all muddled and slow. But will be staying late in the studio again today, to get a couple of computer tasks done. 

We’ve been dying some flat cotton lacing too. Well, Holly is still stirring it now. I’m surprised she hasn’t lost her mind yet, 45mins of stirring so far. This is for the colourful Blossoms underbust. The corset is in silvery silk satin with silvery-green topstitching and orange, pink, and yellow blossoms. What colour do you think the lacing will be?

Anyway, I used today (and Tuesday, in fact) as another opportunity to illustrate to an intern how if you go into self-employment you won’t be spending all your time on the fun, creative bit, so you can’t set prices based only on materials and time sewing. She got to do a fun task this week (blossoms), whilst Holly and I have so far just cleaned and cleaned. Which I thought was a rather neat demonstration of what small business is really like! 

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