The “downsizing” plan

I almost titled this post “The Exit Plan”, but then thought it might sound more dramatic and final than I really intend it to be. Short version, as I am taking a year “off” once our lease is up at the end of November, October will (practically speaking) be the last month that we have proper access to our machinery and such like. During early November we will need to get the place emptied and clean. Perhaps a lick of paint here and there. But you can guarantee that will take longer than expected. 

This makes September the last month to easily fit in things like visits from friends, photoshoots, fun creative days, and so on. 

It also means that we have only three full months, really, to wind up our current orders and prepare the “year off” corsets… ie: a selection of mostly silk pieces, sewn and ready for embellishment over the course of the year. 

So the time is flying over! I really need to focus. Which is proving a challenge, when it’s summertime (haha, kind of, very drizzly!) and there’s so much to distract you. 

Things that would make my life smoother right now: 

  • Selling our bits and bobs.
  • Some swapsie fun… ie: seamstress friends help us make corsets for a day, taking some of our books or fabric remnants as payment. Email me! 
  • For any last enquiries to come in now. If you email me in September wanting a bespoke corset we won’t be able to help you! 
  • Perhaps two or three more private students, to keep the monies trickling through. I’m offering 2hr personalised sessions for £50, email me to discuss: 
  • Perhaps one or two more interns (possible dates include 16th, 18th and 19th August). 
  • Progressing further with the boat. We made some progress yesterday but were hampered by the fact that the 6″ square tiles we bought are actually 15cm square. 2mm difference. Messed everything up. So now a quest for some elusive imperial measurement tiles (suitable for a fireplace and that we can actually afford) begins… 
  • Someone to step in and sort out my entire life so that I can just have a sleep, hahaha! 

Lots to think about anyway. As I say, I need to focus. But you know, I’m trying to also focus on healthy habit formation (being more active, better food choices, etc.) and I’m getting pulled in other directions by curiosity… all while trying to run the business as usual plus prepare for doing it very differently for a year. Lot on my mind. Something’s going to have to give. Probably something fun! Ah well. Onwards and upwards. 

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