Midnight Blue

We recently found yet another older sample corset that never got fully finished! Just when I think I’ve gone through them all…

This one is a midnight blue duchess overbust, one of my very earliest Birds Wing test pieces when I was trying out dozens of different fabric and construction combinations. Holly is currently applying black/gold couture lace in a symmetric pattern, then we will be adding black and gold spikes to finish. I believe the closed waist measure is 28″, so if this sounds tempting keep your eyes peeled!

And actually, we’ve also got a couple of lovely broche underbusts to reveal soon. We’re using up our supplies you see, making best use of all these bits of quality coutil I have leftover. So that includes revisiting designs we don’t really do anymore, such as the classic underbusts. 

Stables yesterday. Another lovely day of good people and gorgeous ponies. Was helping one of the girls revise for her BHS Stage 2 which was great. Because I’m studying bits and bobs myself in preparation for the BTEC I would like to do (buy my things, fund my studies!), I’ve learned a good chunk of structural anatomy over the past couple months. And as the girls are preparing for their Stage 2 exams this Summer, they’re learning other things. So it’s very satisfying when we revise together and get to help one another learn. I love that feeling of progression and geeky study! It really makes me keen to pursue this avenue and see what I can do. Test the old brain, you know. And it’s lovely seeing the teenagers learn, they’re so open to it. 

Something else quite exciting happened yesterday, but I can’t really say what. But it was another thing that made me even more keen to continue my horsey-health studies. 

In other news, my horoscope recently told me to “snaffle” (which I’m interpreting as “steal”) a pony. Of course, I don’t actually believe in star-signs. I only read them occasionally for fun (I like to read all of them and pretend that they’re all about me). But hey, politicians are endlessly changing their apparently deeply held beliefs in order to curry public favour, so why can’t I spontaneously believe in star-signs for just one day, if it suits me to do so?! If you don’t hear from me for a while it’s because I’ve been arrested roping a pony somewhere… 

In other-other news, we’re thinking to have our Sparklewren Summer Party at the end of August! Trying to choose a date that will suit as many people as possible. Will be an opportunity for people to snap up our last sample designs before the year off, grab other bits and bobs (ie: books and fabric/lace remnants that we will be selling very inexpensively), drink bubbly, take photos, meet loads of other corsetmakers, and generally have fun. Everyone’s invited! If you haven’t been to any of our parties yet you should definitely come along. The crowd that usually come are all lovely, chilled, kind people, so no need to be shy! 

Right, time to finish. I feel like I’ve achieved very little today. But in the studio alone tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll make more of a dent in some actual sewing.  

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