The heat has me irritable…

If only there were a breeze today! 

Got very little achieved on my day off yesterday. But I suppose that’s allowed on days off. Continued studying some equine anatomy (skeleton, connective tissues, tension patterns), plus read a little bit of Lucy Rees, then collapsed on my boat with a fan on full blast to watch some Horse&CountryTV. Sweltered. Sweltering today too, can’t function. 

Helped my stables go to a show on Saturday. Got to be writer for the dressage judge, which was very interesting and it was nice to see our girls and ponies do so well and enjoy the day. Fell in love with a gorgeous Highland pony that someone had taken along. Then went to an Irish Draught horse show on Sunday, down in Solihull. So many beautiful beasties, and I got to practice my eye once again.

Current horse-show-hobby is to look for diagonal advanced placements and other anomalies in trot and canter. Ie: a break in the correctness of diagonal pairs (like a flam, in drum speak or a grace note, rather than the two beats/hooves touching the ground at the same time). Generally, at these sorts of shows, this takes the form of the front hoof (of the pair) touching down fractionally before the opposite diagonal hind, especially in canter, and is usually accompanied by an over-used curb bit tucking the horse’s head too short, bracing the back slightly and throwing their weight more onto the forehand. So I try to look for it and then take little film snips in slow-motion to see if I’ve spotted it correctly. I try to look for the opposite (very uphill moving horses) too. Developing the eye. Asymmetries are also a good thing to look for, plus mild hind-limb abnormalities/lameness (harder to see, but if you look for which hip is more “active” up-and-down that helps). 

In the studio with Holly today, she’s applying lace to that midnight silk corset I was telling you about. Stables tomorrow, if it’s as hot as this I may die. Intern and Holly on Thursday, plus a horsey talk I hope to go to in the evening, then friends visiting on Friday. 

Yeah, it’s just too hot. Cannot function. Right, I’m off to hunt out an ice-cream or something! 

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