When you feel more behind than you actually are…

Adjusting expectations. That’s something I am good at, but sometimes need to remember to do! Right now, I am behind on a few things (emails, embellishment, sorry!) which is making everything feel a bit overwhelming. 

I won’t be overwhelmed, won’t allow it to happen. Just need to take the time to pause and think every so often, so as to refocus my efforts and remember that progress is happening. 


Recent progress includes…

  • Continuing to learn about equine anatomy, etc. Only last Thursday I was at a talk about straightness and balance. That’s less than a week ago, so no need to feel like I’m falling behind there. 
  • Having assistants finish up old sample corsets for sale, thereby ticking the “keep income flowing” box. 
  • Client projects. Just last week we ordered more lace trim for an overbust, laced the finished Blossoms underbust (I need to photograph it on a mannequin), and made more progress on an exciting bespoke piece. 
  • The boat! Boat is forefront of my mind this week. A lovely welder has been sorting out our hinges and angled chimney collar, just a little bit more to do this weekend coming. I’m so excited about the hinges in particular, as it will mean I can once again fling all our doors open (including the lovely side hatches) to properly enjoy the summer air. After the welding is finished we can put our two chimney collars back in place (silicone sealant and bolts), which will return out roof to the status of “water tight”. Which then means I can sand and re-paint the small areas that got marked by rain water over winter, make it all clean and pretty again. We also recently (yesterday in fact) got other things done, including removing the broken gas oven, bringing the futon on board (which Cat has claimed as his own), rearranging everything accordingly (the ballast was all skew-whiff, and then today we began a kitchen worktop. It’s all a bit Heath Robinson on our boat, but that’s kind of how I like it. 

Anyway, I’ve run out of time to write now as we need to rush off home to do a bit more DIY. Oh, but I’ve just remembered that a friend is visiting on Sunday, how lovely! She can tell us if the new layout is good or not. I feel like it’s now better able to accommodate more than two people, so that’s good. Step by step, progress is progress, slow or fast. 


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