Sample Corsets for Sale

UPDATE: two thirds of these corsets are now sold. But take a look to see if we’ve anything left that might suit you. 


So… every time I think I’ve sorted through, finished, and sold all our sample designs, another five turn up. We are also trying to use up our materials before the “year off” begins (22nd November), by getting simple little samples ready for sale now, plus my year off collection prepared (which will be available to purchase as they’re completed over the year… one super-shiny, couture corset per month is the plan!). 

I’m trying to think of the best way to catalogue and reveal our year off corsets. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The first thing is to find homes for our current samples. Some are pristine and newly made, whilst others are older pieces that were used to test and explore ideas. They are all priced accordingly, therefore. And they are mostly all almost finished. 

So I thought I would list what we have coming. Expressions of interest are welcome via email, as then we can schedule which we finish first! But please remember, we are busy finishing up bespoke work too so please wait a few days for a reply on email. 




Sample corsets, available soon… 

1) Sheer gold mesh cincher with mink coutil casing detail. 24″ waist. £100. RESERVED.

2) Cream/pink broche sweetheart overbust, with tatted lace detail at the bust. Creamy silk-duchess binding. 21.5″ waist, 31″ bust (9″ up), 34″ hip (5″ down). £230. RESERVED.

3) Red Hearts overbust corset. Photoshoot sample, highly embellished but not perfect quality. This piece is finished and ready to go. 22.5″ waist, 33″ bust (8″ up), and 36″ hips (7.5″ down). £300. SOLD.

4) Black broche closed-front underbust with red/black broche casing detail on the sides. Brand new with waist tape. 22″ waist, 32″ underbust (4″ up), and 36″ hip (5″ down). £300. SOLD.

5) Black/red broche closed-front underbust. Brand new with waist tape. 24.5″ waist, 31″ underbust (4″ up), and 36.5″ hip (5″ down). £300. SOLD.

6) Black/red broche underbust with busk. Brand new with waist tape. 23″ waist, 34″ underbust (4″ up), and 36.5″ hip (5″ down). £300.

7) Red satin coutil multi-panel overbust with black lace and tulle overlay. 23″ waist, 31″ hip (5″ down), and 31″ bust (9″ up). £420.

8) Pale gold sheer mesh sweetheart overbust with sand sateen coutil casings. Sewing in progress! 22″ waist, 32″ hip (6″ down) and 31″ bust (7.5″ up). A very lightly constructed piece, not intended for high waist reductions. £300 plain or £500 with embellishment (to be decided). SOLD.

9) Biscuit coutil overbust with lace detail (colour to be decided). In-progress, 24.5″ closed waist, 33″ bust (8″ up) and 35″ hip (7″ down). £520 with lace, or £350 without embellishment. SOLD.

10) Sand sateen coutil overbust with lace detail (colour to be decided). 19.5″ waist, 29.5″ bust (7.5″ up), 29.5″ hip (6″ down). £520. Or £350 without embellishment (as shown in linked image below). SOLD.

11) Jonah. Iridescent silk duchess corset with feathered hips, rose gold chain drapery, and lace/stone embellishment. 20″ waist, 31″ bust (9″ up), and 31″ hip (6″ down). £500. SOLD.

12) Black broche diagonal-seamed overbust with heavy green lace overlay. 22″ closed waist and gentle hourglass shape. 32″ hip (5″ down) and 32″ bust (8″ up). £220. SOLD.

13) Pale blue silk duchess fully-boned overbust with heavy embellishment (to be decided). Lovely hourglass shape, can be seen in the triptic picture halfway down this blog post. 25″ waist, 42″ hip (5.5″ down), and 38″ bust (7.5″ up). £600. Or £350 without embellishment. SOLD.

14) Sea-green silk duchess underbust with very full hips. 25″ waist, 28″ underbust (4″ up), and 44″ hip (6″ down). With metallic Solstiss lace overlay in silvery tones. £300. SOLD.

15) A 2010 corset-body test piece in blush silk with ivory lace detail. A sweetheart midbust/overbust with attached spine/neckpiece. It was very very short in the body, so we’ve now cut off the crotch to turn it into a more versatile corset. At this stage, the “spine” and neckpiece are still attached. It has a 22″ closed waist, 36″ hip (6″ down) and 29″ bust (8″ up). The distance from waist to nape of neck is 16″ and the neck is 13″ (but the front lacing makes it adjustable). The spine/neck can be left attached of cut off and provided as a separate garment, however you prefer. £300. SOLD.

16) Wheat silk dupioni sweetheart overbust with biscuit coutil exterior casings. Light, gentle corsetry. 25″ waist, 34″ bust (8″ up), 37″ hip (6″ down). £400 with a white rose lace embellishment.

17) Two more black/red spot broche closed-front underbusts, this time gentle waspies with large hip gores and waist-tapes for extra stability.

  • 17a has a 24″ waist, 35″ hip (6″ down) and 28″ rib (3″ up), and is waiting for steels and finishing, £280.
  • 17b has a 26″ waist, 36″ hip (6″ down) and 29″ rib (3″ up), and is also waiting for finishing plus a bit of couture lace embellishment. £330.

We’ve also got an old ribbon cincher (as seen on Instagram). One of my first ever corset-making lessons and very straight. Suitable for costume or use as a wide decorative belt. £20 plus shipping! SOLD.



6) Black/red broche underbust, with busk (top of pile). 

7) Red satin coutil overbust (shown with collar, which is already sold). 

16) Wheat silk and biscuit coutil overbust. 

17) 17a (24″ waist) can be seen here. 17b (26″ waist with lace embellishment) can be seen here


Each of these pieces is intended as occasional fashion-wear, except those broche underbusts which have waist-tapes (as noted), which can be used for more regular wear or figure modification. As a general guideline, you want to purchase corsets that are as similar in measurement to your natural bust, underbust and hips as possible. The waist should be around 4″ smaller. With inexpensive sample designs, some wiggle-room is to be expected as the corset has not been made specifically for your body. 

Prices are before shipping and we accept payments via paypal or bank transfer (for UK customers). Two or three instalments may be possible, upon request. Naturally, we’ll be finishing the things that have homes to go to first, so if you’d like to nab one of these corsets (expected completion during October/November) or have a question about any of the designs, just let me know: 

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