A thistledown flew into my boat and landed in my hand. I put it in a glass jar, but it made me sad so I let it go again. 

I am sat on my boat and can smell fire, so someone must have decided it’s chilly enough to light a stove. It’s the first day of September and I feel curiously excited! Perhaps there is something in the air, as the friend that visited today had the same feeling. 

I mentioned today how ugly pages in notebooks upset me. I want every page to have its own sort of beauty. Doesn’t always happen, but there you are. Having a new hobby to study (equine anatomy) gives lots of opportunity for nice pages. I recently flicked through my old Stubbs book. His anatomy engravings were so detailed that apparently there is a lady who has published research on a genetic anamoly in cervical vertebrae which can be seen in his illustrations of the skeleton. Imagine that. Ten or more years ago, I used to do pencil studies of Stubbs’ work. Perhaps I should revisit that pass-time since I may understand things more deeply this time round. 

Our studio party on Monday was lovely! Many excellent corsetmaking friends visited, plus their friends, but not so many as to be overwhelming. Many books and bits and bobs were sold, which has slightly reduced my “pile of stuff to sort out before December” and which let me put another couple hundred pounds into my future horse fund. The last of us went out to the Rose Villa Tavern for dinner and cocktails after, was lush and raucous. Except for the cherry cocktails we had, which were not lush. 

The land surrounding our marina is being developed. All the Buddleia were today ripped up from the nearby wasteland, our cat’s favourite hunting ground. 


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