Scarab – completion

Very drawn to symmetry at the moment. Probably partly down to working on the bespoke Scarab corset. I have such ideas for our “year off” corsets! But I don’t want to write them down incase then they don’t happen. 

Scarab has turned out beautifully. Cannot wait to see pics of her laced onto her owner, so that those curves are properly filled. This piece is all hand-dyed laces, some sewn flush and some fluttering like petals… electra beetle wings cut into assorted shapes… and goldwork metal snipped into tiny beads to bump up the sparkle. Likewise, we opted for a gold busk and gold eyelets to enhance that aspect of the design. 

She’s just so luscious. All textures and gloss and colour. And, as with much of our work, she does have that element of powerful self-creation. Our corsets are bonkers and wild. They’re baroque in spirit and couture in execution. We make them to see how far we can go, and our clients join us in that process, seeing how far they too can daydream. We daydream things like Scarab together. How lucky we are! 

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