I’ve just ordered some mother of pearl for the “year off” corsets. Well, for one or two of them. Excited to do something pale and sparkly. Found some large sew-on Swarovskis that I forgot I had. 

That said, Holly’s just been cutting out two “year off” corsets in a richly gold-green duchess! Very chartreuse, very green fairy, very late-Victorian. We’re going to have a fun mix of wild and muted colours during 2017. I do hope we manage to prep as many as I want. It’ll be nice to have a selection of colours and shapes so that I can satisfy creative whims as they come. 

Right now, the girls are cutting out client’s cinchers, then we’ll be done for the day. I was showing our special seam to intern Michelle, and it reminded me of just how many corsets I have waiting for their seams. A day of twin-needling is really needed, I just need to get into the right headspace for it. 

Stables yesterday. A good, productive day. Very pleased to see a couple of our newest ponies cope well with a visit from the dentist. They really can be such brave and adaptable beasties. Stoic. 

The girls finished the last beading on the Pewter corset today (though we might be adding a bit of chain yet). Love how this has turned out. Inspired by the Pyrite corset (from the “Where Angels” collection), though with a herringbone coutil base rather than a silk duchess one. The chunks of pyrite are especially lovely, though the long lines of cylindrical beads might be my favourite detail. Those, plus the draped round beads with teardrops. 

Pewter began life as a plain and classic sample.  She sat unfinished for years. But then we decided to finally list her for sale and the client who snapped her up asked for embellishment. We took inspiration from the Pyrite corset (from the “Where Angels” collection). Took up a hell of a lot of lace and beading, but I love the outcome. Hope to play with this aesthetic once or twice during my year off. Samples aren’t just samples. If we have a plain corset available that you’d like sparklising (real word, I’m sure…) just email me to chat. 

Fireplace tiles arrived for the boat today. Hopefully these ones will actually be right! Just a simple black glaze. Going to endeavour to get those done on Monday so that the fire can go back in place. The weather is starting to turn, after all. Remaining tasks (still) include getting the new side hatch doors welded on, which is somewhat out of my hands… and building a set of shelves for my work things, which very much is in my hands. I really need to get started on that soon. It feels like a big task, though the last set we did only took one day with two people.  

Anyway, lots on, lots to think about, lots to be excited about, lots of sleep and rest needed. 

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