Golden mannequins and golden ponies

Well well. I’ve been thinking of my birthday (30th November) as being around the time that our studio lease is up, as I remember getting keys and making announcements and such around that time three years ago when we took up the premises. But I may have remembered that wrong! I’m going to need to double-check my contract tomorrow, as I have a sneaking suspicion the lease actually ends nearer the beginning of the month… Which would make our timeline quite interesting, ha! Oh dear, might need to hustle even harder than previously thought. 

With which in mind, I’m promoting our two remaining mannequins at half-price, this weekend only! Just email me to arrange purchase and I’ll send an invoice your way: jenni[at] 

Shiny mannequins:

I saw a HighlandX horse listed for sale the other day. Beautiful, dark golden dun, ticking all the boxes (friendly gelding, etc.), and a lower price than that McQueen handbag, haha. I’m not in a position to give a horse a home just yet, but it’s nice to keep an eye on what’s available. Gives me confidence that once I *am* ready there will be affordable beasties that are my particular cup of tea. 

Nice day at the stables yesterday. Mild September weather which was just as well as one of the taps burst into a rather impressive fountain and I got drenched. One of our more self-sufficient ponies, Coco, was tied up nearby and just looked over with a somewhat unimpressed expression. I’d even thought to myself, “what a nice mild day, perhaps I’ll manage to stay reasonably clean and dry!” Foolish thought. I don’t know how other people manage it, I always get covered in mud and poo and water and haylege.  

Those mother of pearl bits arrived. So pretty. And tiny! But I’m thinking they’ll give a lovely subtle sheen to a couple of the “year off” corsets. 

On Monday we got most of the fireplace re-tiled and a wavy-edge mantleiece (if you can call it that) cut, sanded, and in place. It’s looking nice. Chimney collars were sealed and bolted in place, thanks to our kind neighbour who once again helped, and so the roof is watertight again and we are another step closer towards having heating available! We don’t need it yet, but the weather will turn quickly enough during either October or November, I’m sure. 

John and I had mapped out all the remaining Mondays (our day off together) until the studio lease is up, planning what we would do each week to get the important things finished before I bring my work home. It all looked very doable, though that might change once I’ve double-checked my end of lease date! The main thing is to finish the fireplace and stoves, and to build a set of shelves/storage for my work so that it is neatly and prettily stored away when not needed. All doable. We still have exterior welding that needs doing and which is a big pre-Autumn priority, but we just have to be patient with that as it’s friends-of-friends doing the work as-and-when they can. 

Anyway, it’s a beautiful September day outside. A friend recently linked an article which showed how, if you’re around my age (thirties) then there are lots of things in your life that you will only get to do a handful of times more unless you go out and make them happen. And that with certain things (notably, spending time with your parents) you may well have already had 95% of the experience/contact you’re going to get. You were with them everyday for 18 years, now you see them maybe once a year. It made me rather sad. I tried to tell myself, “quantity isn’t the thing, quality is.” I don’t need to live in someone else’s pockets in order to love them and have a meaningful relationship with them. And certainly, families can really wind each other up if there isn’t enough personal space or autonomy there! But at the same time, it’s the day-to-day interactions that create ease and comfort and memories with the people you like best. That sense of vulnerability and safety side by side. 

Loads of my friends certainly moved away (for uni and such) only to ultimately settle near their families again. Others haven’t, but work hard to have the means to be able to afford to visit very often. I only get home twice a year. So I wonder if we should move closer to home, or if I should just make myself prioritise train fare to visit more often.  

Last night, I dreamed that a bunch of us were at the edge of a big school playing field. I think there’d been a pony show or something, but the weather had turned suddenly bad, heavy snow, biting winds, ice, black skies. At the far side of the field was a craggy cliff face with a walled road running along the top. There was loads of traffic and we wondered why people hadn’t just realised they should stay indoors. We watched bemused, then horrified, as the cars broke through the wall and started tumbling down the cliff face, each landing on its nose before flipping or rolling further down towards the field. Dozens had fallen. I ran up to the junction for that road, calling the emergency services on the way, but there was no answer. Once there I found three plastic chairs (?!) which I put out across the road. Loads of people were running away having abandoned their cars. I kept asking if anyone had a marker pen, but no joy. Then I saw these young lads pratting around next to the wall. They had a thing which looked like a flame-thrower, but was actually a sort of paint gun. They gave it me, and I used it to try to write on the plastic chairs, “dangerous, road closed.” 

A dream about attempting to manage a crisis without sufficient resources, well what could that possibly reflect in my own life… To be sure, my life isn’t in crisis by any stretch (just incase you were worried), but I do have a lot to manage and your dreams do tend to accentuate your anxieties eh? On the flip-side, I also dreamed about test riding that golden HighlandX horse and enjoying a thoroughly lovely floaty canter, so it’s not all “argh, I’m too busy” anxiety. 


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