Ten degrees

Today’s temperature in Birmingham. Though it is Saturday and I should be helping with ponies/kids, I’ve come to the studio as there’s a lot to get done before the 22nd November (our official studio leaving day). 

But oh, it’s chilly. I have a personal threshold of 7degrees (you can’t say it’s cold until then… queue our Canadian readers laughing at us), but this is the first day that I’ve had cold hands in the studio. And as I’m clearing nearly everything out, I’ve actually sold my electric heater. Well, swapped it towards the price of a gorgeous coloured busk

Cold hands do not = enthusiastic, swift, corsetmaking. Should have worn more layers. 

Yesterday was lovely, did some pattern/drafting teaching in the morning and our student/friend then stuck around to help in the afternoon. Salvaged loads of that gorgeous Sophie Hallette lace (the one in the colour that they don’t do anymore) from an old project that has had its moment in the sun. We now have loads more of that lace for our 2017 projects, exciting! 

Right, back to work. 

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