DIY Mondays

Until we finish with the studio next month, all our Mondays are being spent on boat DIY. Some things that just need doing before winter regardless, and some things that will make my life easier once I have my small selection of 2017 projects stored on the boat. 

Yesterday, we got the fireplace grouting finished and some tiles replaced behind the second stove. Ordered stuff to repaint our first stove (we’re going to try cream), though it needs some Kurust on it first. Went over the chimney collar sealants again since the recent heavy rain revealed to us that there must be a gap or two somewhere… And touched up all the paintwork that had been damaged with the rainwater leaks last winter. It’s all looking rather nice now! Still plenty to do, but yesterday was a good day of progress. 

In other news, we’re going to have a fair bit of furniture to shift when we leave the studio… Stuff is going to be dirt cheap to give you a good incentive to come and collect, so any craftspeople in need of tables, keep your eyes open! I’ll probably write a post listing everything, seems easier that way. 


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