Furniture, Antiques, etc. – for Sale

Bits and bobs from our studio! All available for collection now, unless otherwise stated. Cash on collection preferred. 

  1. Green corner table, floral motifs painted on top. £20. 
  2. Plant pot stand with turned legs. £5. 
  3. Georgian table, very simple but lovely. Price to follow. 
  4. Georgian shelves, with turned details. Price to follow. 
  5. 40s/50s dresser with oval mirror. Slightly damaged (one of the draw supports needs replacing), but still functional. £20. 
  6. Alphonse Mucha “four seasons” mirror with wooden frame. £10. 
  7. Two antique Victorian mirror panels with hand-painted bird/flower design. Price to follow. 
  8. One oval mirror with metal frame. One missing motif. Lovely fogged mirror pane. £10. 
  9. One large-ish mirror with scalloped top edge and gilded frame. Frame damaged and a bit fragile, but works well enough. Mirror pane fogged and damaged in a beautiful way. Contributes to a lovely atmosphere. £20. 
  10. Dark wood bureau/writing-desk. Price to follow. 
  11. Semi-circular drop-leaf occasional table. The “leaf” is to the back, so when it’s folded down you have a small curved table, ideal for a hallway or small workroom. £10. 
  12. Architect’s drafting table. Weighted with a sand-filled cylinder, very sturdy and heavy (will require two strong people and a van to move). The fixed ruler needs repositioning. Brilliant for pattern drafting, cutting, and hand-sewing, as you can change the height and angle of the table top. Absolute bargain at £20.
  13. Wooden sewing box. Handle needs reattaching on one side (just a spot of wood-glue or a screw should do it). A really lovely and useful item. £20. 
  14. Two white Ikea trestles. Adjustable height. I use these with a big table top as my sewing table. £20 for the pair. 
  15. Large wooden Ikea table top with opening for computer cables, etc. £10. 
  16. Clear crystal chandelier. You will need to remove this yourself, so be aware there will be wiring to disconnect. Was £80 new. £30 including chain.
  17. Antique pink crystal chandelier. I love this, will merrily keep it if it doesn’t sell. You will need to remove this yourself, so be aware there will be wiring to disconnect. £100. 
  18. Gilded Edwardian-silhouette mannequin. A Proportion London mannequin base, gilded by me. Very sturdy papier-mache with a black stand. £700. 
  19. Antique French dresser. A Victorian replica of an older 1700s style. Beautiful inlayed designs. Some mild damage, as you’d expect, but perfectly functional. Price to follow. 
  20. Beautiful antique bedding box. Some mild wear-and-tear, as you’d expect, but perfectly functional. Price to follow. 
  21. Four antique Victorian decoupage panels. Originally from a standing screen. Decoupaged with quirky and weird illustrations cut from Victorian magazines and children’s books. Could be turned into a screen once again or used as wall hangings. We used them as backdrops for photoshoots. Similar panels sell for £600 on ebay. £200 for all four. 
  22. Original Art Deco coffee set. Price to follow. 
  23. Saddle! Black VSD saddle, barely used, in great condition, couple of small scuffs. 17″ seat and wide fitting if I remember correctly. Stirrup bars not set too far forward and slightly rewards-facing tree points to avoid the horse’s shoulder blades. Nice wide gullet but very tightly flocked due to having been hardly used. Would need fitting/flocking to your horse. More info to follow. This design is still manufactured and sold at around £1000. £400. 
  24. MISCELLANEOUS BITS: we have two tall white Ikea bookcases and one shorter wooden Ikea bookcase. Both may have a couple of bits missing (some of the little struts that the shelves sit on), but otherwise perfectly functional. One wooden computer desk, stained with paint. One folding plastic table, stained with fabric paint. One white Ikea table top, scratched in a few places. One plastic set of boxes/shelves on wheels. All functional and all free to anyone who will collect


Pictures to follow soon…

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