Lots on! Please read/share/explore our posts to support Sparklewren!

Another Saturday in the studio instead of at the stables. I need to get my hustle on!

We’ve got many sold samples to finish (steel on its way, so we should be on top of that soon), plus other designs still available, and I keep finding things that, with a bit more work, we could get finished for you before leaving the studio next month. We’re using up every last remnant of spot broche, revisiting designs that were abandoned (due to time restrictions) years ago, neatening up older avant garde test pieces so that they are once again functional garments… 

Even my boyfriend is getting in on the act, selling off a nice Mapex drum kit, haha. 

It’s a tall order though. So you know, feel free to share our facebook and instagram posts far and wide! We’ve got furniture to re-home, bits of fabric, books, etc. and I really want to get as many inexpensive samples done as possible… I don’t want people complaining that they didn’t have a chance to grab one! 

Anyway, time to find some lunch and power up for the afternoon. There is such a lot to do. Managing energy levels and positivity is very important right now, if I’m going to achieve the big targets and goals I’ve set for myself! Any help, enquiries, and/or good vibes are very welcome 🙂 


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