Shirty letter from my studio landlords. “Your payment is late!” Nope, ’tisn’t. Speak to one man on the phone who can’t find the transactions, then get put through to a woman who finds them within 30 seconds. So that’s a few minutes of mild stress for no good reason. 

Then a shirty letter from HMRC demanding monies that I don’t owe them. One phone call later and they agree they’ve got it wrong, but more time wasted and I still need to follow it up by filling in some PAYE stuff. 

But these are merely mild annoyances, just come along to waste my time right when I’ve got a lot to be getting on with! And zero energy. Part of which is my own fault. Tired out my hands helping build a fence on Wednesday, but didn’t realise it until I was needing my hands for DIY on Thursday… So am now endeavouring to be kinder to them, since I need them for sewing. Then stayed up until midnight on Thursday chatting ponies with a friend. How’s that for being a proper adult? 

We’re considering popping to a classical demo on the way north next week. I’m feeling like I can’t pop north as there’s so much to do, but in the grand scheme of things I’d only be losing one studio day, so it might be worth it for a small breather and to see my mama and brother. Will decide. 

Anyway, despite feeling a bit overwhelmed by workload before end-November, things are coming along nicely in general. Our stoves are back in on the boat and we did loads of tiny jobs yesterday. Boat is feeling super-cosy, which is making me look forwards to the colder days of the season. Sample corsets are continuing to be finished and posted. We’ve been selling some books and clothes. A couple of our business items might be useful for the stables I volunteer at, which would be good. I’ve even got a couple of Christmas presents sorted (I’m never organised on things like that). Did some more final edits for the secret project I’ve been working on for the past couple years. It’s all good really. 

John had a late gig last night, didn’t get in until 3.30am, so I didn’t manage to sleep until really late too. He’s away again tonight, but I think I’m tired enough that I’ll drift off early, hopefully. 

Lord, what a dull update… This is the sort of writing where I’m searching for something. Energy or focus or clarity. But I just haven’t quite got the brain power to get there. I’d need to ramble for a lot longer and in an even more boring way to really reach something useful. 

I need a second pair of hands. Or rather a third. Plus a cook to keep me fed and energised, haha. I’ll have to make do with a kip instead. 

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