Craving some wilderness

The onthebit hashtag on Instagram is 49% misunderstanding, 1% horror, 30% related to nothing (why do people bother with random tags, what really is the point?), and 20% promising. All these things are easier said than done, naturally… but since it’s important to know what you’re aiming for it’s a shame so much of the easily google-able images/info out there is incorrect. Learning how to learn is important, perhaps even more so now that the internet and social media makes everything so accessible. There are fewer barriers than ever to learning. But only if one has first learned how to read/see critically. Hurrah for philosophy and english literature, forever grateful for those topics during school and uni. 

I can smell linseed oil in my studio. That makes no sense. A long Tuesday again, but we got some stuff progressed and another of our sample items finished. 

I sneezed a bit working with those feathers. Not allergic, but tiny fragments got up my nose and tickled me! 

Writing out tasks for the rest of October. So many things needing steel! Feels like a mountain of corsets but actually it’s just that there’s a lot all needing steel, eyelets and binding at the same time. 

Have begun taking pictures and sketches down from the walls. ‘Tis the sort of task that could easily wait until the last day, but it’s helping me feel proactive during the moments where the workload could get a bit overwhelming. It’s going to be weird once December hits and I don’t have all these concurrent goals to deal with! There’ll still be work to do though. I’m expecting that we’ll still have some sample designs at that point, so I’ll need to promote those. Well, I might not need to quite so much, but I’ll want to. Have things I want to save up for. Not least that distance course I’ve mentioned before. But sometimes being an adult and delaying fun things isn’t actually the best idea… the course fee has gone up by £300 since I last looked a month or so ago! I’d have been “better off” enrolling and just letting it sit for a few months, would have saved that money, even if I’d done it on the college’s payment plan. Alas, no crystal balls in my studio. In the meantime, I’m just trying to find tiny moments to do bits of self-directed study, though I feel like I shouldn’t be, should be focussing purely on corsetry instead. Here’s one blog I quite enjoy. Not least because the lady writing it lives in Northumberland and sometimes has pretty pics of my home turf on her instagram. 

Speaking of which, going to pop up home on the weekend! Only one full day, but looking forward to seeing everyone and the dogs. Will try to swing a trip by Fred’s field too. He’s looked older each time I’ve seen him these past two years, bless his heart. 

I keep daydreaming about the North Pennines. The Pennines pass through Greenhead (my home village) but it’s really down to my visit to Tindale last Summer that I keep thinking of them. A place where I had gone hacking as a small child and played in mud and collected tadpoles… and otherwise couldn’t remember. But once I was there I felt at home and free. Scarred landscape, fresh blustery air, barren slopes and rough grassland. Maybe everyone does return to where they began, eventually. But for now, any high land will keep me happy. Though it is much more green and lush, even the heather and Exmoor ponies at Sutton Park helps scratch that itch. Need to go again soon.  

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