Less than a month to go!

Officially less than a month until we’re done with the studio! Eek, I guess now is hustle time. 

Popped up North for the weekend and though it was a flying visit (with as much travelling as visiting), it was just what I needed. Good company for the journey and an interesting horsey event at Bolsover Castle on the way, then lovely to spend a day with my mama and see how far along my brother’s DIY has come (answer: loads, it’s starting to look like a big posh house now, how odd!). Visited Freddie’s field and though he’s looking older each time (his silly long back has finally begun to drop and drop these past two years), he’s as spritely and bright as ever. His little chestnut friend is as plump as ever too, so I guess some things never change. 

I remember twenty years ago, one of the places we kept Fred at grass livery had a lovely little herd of horses which, yes, included a little ginger friend for him. He has often had one. Chester (for a chestnut, someone was lazy that day), who was one of those point-and-shoot spindly Welsh ponies that wild countryside kids will whizz around the local shows and then throw back in the field for weeks. I once used food-colouring to paint Freddie and Chester on the icing of a cake that we made for the livery lady’s birthday, that was fun. I remember thinking it was rather good, but it probably wasn’t. Anyway, Chester was a liability and loved to run, so sometimes the whole herd would take off and catching Fred would require a lot of sitting around waiting. Which was nice though. It’s nice to chill in a field and just watch them. 

The lady of the house had a teenage son (all legs and blonde hair) who could vault onto a horse striking off into canter from a standstill. That left an impression. 

Anyway, corsets, work, studio… Today has been productive. I’m behind on emails again, but one must prioritise and that gets more cut-throat when big deadlines (like clearing a studio and important To Do list) are looming. The weekend away has refreshed me a bit. Yesterday was productive for boat DIY, so the storage unit for my work things is almost ready. Holly made a hell of a dent in the pile of pieces needing steel, others were posted, binding was added and hand-finished, bespoke pieces were stitched, and eyelets have arrived. We’re on our way. 

This evening I’ve been gathering up some of the supplies and pretties that will live on the boat, and throwing away anything that has no likely home or function. Putting a charity shop box together too. The main challenge of leaving is going to be the furniture. Some bits are accounted for, but many more aren’t. A lot of it is unimportant stuff, but some of it is nice so we might need to hire a van and store it at home in Northumberland. Spending money on a van is less than ideal though, plenty of other things needing my income right now. 

And of course, now that we’re almost done here people are starting to realise time’s running out! We’ve got three new patterning help/tuition sessions to fit in, and there may be more if time allows. Plus, I had said I’d consider selling some bespoke Birds Wing patterns. But what I might do, since time is so tight, is save that latter project for the time post-studio. Paper and pencil doesn’t take up much room, so it’s perhaps something that I could do from the boat. We’ll see. 

Right, that’ll do for now. Will gather up a few more things and then John should be finished teaching by 9pm, so I reckon we’ll go home then. Will be taking photographs for the stables tomorrow (half-term show-jumping), hope the sun shines! 

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