The boat is wren-ready.

Why do we love stationary so much? Just love boxes and notebooks and brown paper. 

Popped into town today. Bought various glass jars to continue sorting out my work area on the narrowboat for 2017. Ooh, it’s good fun sorting sparkly things into jars and boxes… And it’s good to remember some of the bits and bobs that I forgot I had. Tiny sparkly seed beads in pale colours, freshwater pearls in muted pink, carved bone beads left over from a jewellery making kit my parents got me as a child. Lots of delicious things giving me ideas for the “year off” corsets. 

I’ve gotten the shelving built and in place now. I think it’s going to be a neat solution to the question of, “how on earth does one create couture corsetry from one corner of a narrowboat?” The big answer is, have the sewing already done… And we’re working on that in the studio. But the follow-up answer is, make it a pretty little display in itself so that you don’t mind living alongside it on the six days of the week when you aren’t sparklewrenning. 

We did a Halloween special offer before the weekend. The code to quote was “Hallowren”. I realise now I missed a trick by not keeping the extra “e” in there, would have scanned better.  

Got a couple more Christmas presents whilst in town today. I’ve not been so on top of Christmas in years and years! Just small things, at any rate, but I hope they’ll all be enjoyed and used. 

Anyway, glass jars and lace and pearls and beads and crystals…  

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Was talking with a friend the other day about drawing and mentioned how I used to enjoy still lives of anything with glass when I was at school. The distortions and highly contrasted areas of light and dark (almost faceted, like cut gems) make for lovely pencil or ink studies. I found some triangular jars today (in The Works, of all places) and having put some Blue Jay feathers in one I’m quite tempted to do a pencil study of it. Those jars are quite lovely though. I’m regretting the fact that I didn’t ask if they had any more in the store room (there were only two out on the shelf). Maybe I’ll go back soon. 

The boat is ever more homely with each passing day. Although, perhaps prompted by the Sparklewren shelves going up, it’s starting to feel a little bit too Hampshire and not Hirst enough. I’ll have to ask the lad his thoughts, though I already know the answer. I’ll try to think of a few more things to do in the kitchen area to make it functional and pretty. That’s pretty much his domain. Also need to firm up an idea on how to house all his shoes tidily. Mine too, but he’s got more pairs. 

I’m not a tidy person, by any stretch of the imagination. But the nice thing about a small space like a boat is that you want (need) for everything to have its place. It’s very pleasing and it means tidying up takes 20mins. Which is about the level of effort I can muster for it.   

I’ve let the fire die today. John’s away gigging and it really isn’t cold enough to burn fuel for one person. But I think the cat is cross about this as he’s being very shouty and demanding more cuddles than usual. He likes it toasty warm. 

Studio tomorrow, DIY (or more studio clear-out) Monday. There isn’t going to be as clean a break post-studio as I’d really like (we’re going to still be finishing up orders I reckon, on the boat), but that’s fine. If December ends up focused on that, then that still let’s 2017 be clean and simple in its corsetmaking goals: one-off couture pieces. Which then, hopefully, will function as planned and allow room for personal goals too. 

Anyway, time for a cup of tea I reckon. 

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