Hiccups and ideas

On Tuesday night my little Singer machine stopped working. Backwards worked fine, but forwards not so much. So on Wednesday, I only did the morning chores at stables before coming back to the studio to see what could be done with the Singer. Answer: nothing, needs an actual service and a couple of parts. Took it up to the repair place (Kamal Sewing on Soho Road, for those in Birmingham, very recommended) and hopefully it will be ready later today. 

What fun though eh, great timing, haha! Not like I’m sewing like a demon at the moment or anything. And not like I could have done with keeping that money in my pocket. But hey ho, such is life. Having to pop to the repair shop is hardly the worst thing that happened yesterday. It’s like Brexit all over again. 

Cold in the studio today which isn’t ideal. My tasks for the day include cutting and hand-sewing the points of slits for gore insertions. Cannot let my hands get any colder or they won’t sodding function. But it’s an exciting task anyway as it involves new colours! And, touch wood, we’re on track to get a decent number of 2017 corsets prepped, which I’m happy about. Am also pleased that my favourite bits of kit are going to good loan homes for the year, where I will be able to access them if needed. So if the self-imposed tranquility becomes too much(!) I can still always make something new on a whim. 


One of the new colours I bought is ivory. Not a colour I opt for often. And, I have to confess, once it arrived it looked slightly cheap to us in the studio. Was not expecting that, since it’s the same quality/supplier that I always favour. But I’m not concerned. The point of buying some ivory was to do something highly embellished in ivory laces, fringing, pearls, crystals, etc. I think it will be the same story as working with a black base… I get bored during the sewing, but once you begin embellishing you remember why these simple powerful tones are popular. They can be a perfect base for embellishment to shine. 

I must confess to personally preferring ivories/pales that have a slight colour to them, often flushing through from the other side. The Winter Rose and Oyster Gown were two such examples. Today I re-found a snap of them from the boutique window and it’s given me an idea. The two 2017 projects… Butterflies for sale, and Moths as a personal project… I’m not sure what to do with the latter, but a window exhibition could be an option. 

Anyway, I’d best stop writing. I’m only procrastinating as it means I can sit next to the heater under a blanket for a while longer. Can’t put it off though, need to get up, press some silk, and figure out which patterns to cut. 

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