At home and cosy on the boat. John’s cooking a three bean chilli and I’ve brought a small bit of hand-sewing home with me, nice vibes. Shattered though. 

Have just updated my notes, thinking about time available. I reckon the 2017 corsets require another five solid (long) days of work to get to where I want them to be. With contingency it’s more, of course, so it’s doable but very very tight. Being a machine down won’t help either, but hey ho. If I can power through that’ll be another thirteen stitched, which should give me plenty to choose from when I’m playing around with embellishment next year. We’ll see how it pans out. Will be a husk of a woman by then. Lord knows how proper fashion folk must suffer before the shows. 

The last bits of kit and fabric from our studio are almost sold now, only some random (but lovely) wallpaper and such remaining. Only five discounted sample corsets left too. All furniture allocated (either going home, to the skip, or to friends), after some was collected by a charity the other day. Did you know though, they won’t take darkly stained wood anymore. People won’t buy it, apparently, not fashionable. Now, I can understand that since I don’t usually opt for dark wood myself (though one of the pieces they refused did, in fact, come from a charity shop). But, if you’re a thrifty charity-shop shopper, might you not also be someone with the will to sand down and re-finish the cheap things you buy? Maybe not. 

I was thinking to do an overview corsetmaking post about the Pyrite corset as I stumbled across some snaps from when we were making it. Will perhaps do that sometime soon, as a brief respite from actual sewing!  

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