Back-to-back 12 hour days, dropping fitness, joints stiffening up, right hip becoming numb from sitting sewing all day = winning at life? 

Tired Hampshires, tired blog post. We’re progressing really well and have managed to fit in loads more corsets for 2017 than planned, but maintaining energy for the next week and a half is going to be challenging. I’d love a day off! The machine we dropped at the shop on Wednesday is more broken than realised. I’m waiting on a quote for parts, but the timing is too tight. Plus, that particular machine is a good little thing but not posh or pricey, probably not worth fixing. Not that I can afford to replace it right now either. So am going to try using the twin-needle for all sewing tomorrow, but I don’t have a zipper foot for it (busks). So we’ll see how I get on. 

Must stop rambling, today actually isn’t going to be a 12 hour day, just an ordinary one. So I am off home to eat, curl up warm, and sleep. 

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