Ruined… and elated…

…that’s how I feel! A big old tired mix of things. 

I’m shattered from this month. But invigorated too. Though I adore making things I don’t adore being stuck at my sewing machine for 12 hours a day, and my body didn’t adore it either. Pain, numbness, general drop in wellness, stomach sickness… But at the same time, a thrill and sense of excitement at getting so many lovely designs begun. So many pretty silk goodies to play with next year. 

And all the clearing out of studio stuff. There is, I think, only one item that I retrospectively half-wish I hadn’t sold, though many that I would have kept had space been no question. And so it’s a slight shame to say goodbye to various lovely mannequins and what-not, but mostly it’s a joy to feel lighter for having less “stuff”. I’m glad for my “lack” of space as it’s lead me to be more focussed in what I care about and keep close. Anyway, I’m exhausted from having endless mental and pen/paper checklists of things to be re-homed, but feel a sense of accomplishment having gotten it done. 

And though we handed the keys back on Friday and I spent the weekend mostly on non-work tasks (tidying the boat, drinking lots of celebratory champagne, etc… oh, by the way, we finally have our side-hatch doors on!) I am still feeling like I could do with a few days to hibernate (or possibly vegetate, depending upon your point of view), before really being back in the zone, either physically or mentally. 

Things aren’t going to quite happen like that as, despite this exciting change being all about having more free time, I still have money to earn and work to do. Today was our first proper day of sparklewrenning aboard the boat and it was good! With Holly’s help (and by the way, she and CatFace seem to have fallen firmly in love), we got most of the lace done on one of our “leaving the studio” sale overbusts, binding and lace done on a bespoke cincher (which just needs pyrite beading now), and crystals done on a decorative feathered posture collar. That’s a decent day’s work. Once they’re done it leaves just four lovely bespoke orders to finish during December/January, before being truly free to embark upon the Butterflies and Moths of 2017. 

So, here’s a word of advice to anyone thinking of making big, exciting changes in their business or life… do it in fair weather! I imagine this whole month of graft might have been a tiny slice easier in warmth and daylight. As Holly pointed out today, working on the boat is far warmer than working in the studio, and it does make a difference! But hey ho, that’s how the timing worked out. I’ve got stables to help with and orders to finish and strength to regain and a numb hip to sort out and boat DIY to do (though nothing urgent), so the hustle must continue. 

But I am going to endeavour to have a few hibernation days next month, at the very least. 

In other news, tomorrow is my birthday! I tend to be in an excitable fizz during all of November, so much of the birthday fun has been done. But it’s back to helping at the stables tomorrow (which will be knackering but lovely), so I’m looking forward to getting covered in special birthday mud. It’s much like regular mud, but I’ll enjoy it better as I’ve not had a lot of it whilst sewing *all the things*.

Anyway, must stop writing. I imagine this is a poor and waffly post (see above re: need for hibernation), but I figured I hadn’t updated in ages. 

Oh, and I suppose I should give an overview… in the end we got I think 28 corsets prepped for 2017. We normally average about 50-70 a year, so although these aren’t finished that’s still a very good number for three weeks of sewing. It was intense. I may not get them all embellished next year, but that’s fine too. The point isn’t to rush them, the point is to have many blank canvases ready to choose from. I have enough ready that I can’t quickly recall them all, which I think is the right number. It means I have a lot of options. So looking forward to playing with those corsets. Looking forward to doing some shoots as well, might treat myself to a new flash if I can, just something cheap and cheerful to act as a slave to the XE-1 as I always liked doing that before my last flash died. Am giving my continuous softbox to Holly for her own corset snaps. It’s a decent light source and I’ve not really got room for it on the boat. I likewise don’t really have room for the last bargain samples, but they’re easier to store. 

Right, really will stop writing now. Since I have to get up early I know I have no chance of getting a decent sleep, but should try to relax at least. TTFN! 

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