New website in progress

Today has mostly been about adding more silk organza petals to the Moonchild corset. I always think this is a quick technique and then remember that it takes more time than you realise. It’s looking beautiful though, so soft and fragile. 

Then once Holly had gone, I began work updating the website. I hope you approve of the new look so far! Since 2017 has a clearer and simpler aim than most of my corsetmaking years thus far, I have attempted to pare everything down. Create greater clarity. We catalogued the Butterfly corsets today (the colourful and bold pieces which will be for sale during the year), and will get round to the Moths after the New Year most likely. It’s quite exciting seeing them all laid out together. Rubies, golds, silvery greens… that’s the main thrust of it. For now they are marked as “sold out” as they are not yet finished, of course, and the prices are guides based on my current embellishment plans. Things will likely change. I’m intending to use each listing as an individual blog almost, to share the story of each corset’s embellishment as it happens. Really looking forward to it. 

Quite tired now, it’s been a long day. Holly’s back on Friday, so hopefully we’ll make a bit more of a dent in the workload. I need to get some steel in for these last bespoke orders too, and I’ve just realised how far through December we really are… We’re still figuring out the best way to receive parcels on the boat too, so what I might do is get the steel sent to my mum’s address and pick it up over Christmas. Boring details, I know, but these are the things that trip up the self-employed from time-to-time! 

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