A bit slow on the uptake

I realised a rather obvious thing today… 

My Butterflies (of which there are twelve) were always intended as my “for sale” items during 2017. Pieces that I would embellish to within an inch of their lives, aiming to manage one per month, and then find good homes for.  

My Moths are just for fun. A self-contained little collection of muted pink and earthy tones, which has no particular time-frame and no restrictions. Just the hope to do something new and interesting with them.   

Because of this distinction, I hadn’t really thought of the Moths as having any monetary element to them. Except what I’d have to spend to finish them, of course. Which is daft of me. Sooner or later they will no doubt be sold because everything is. I don’t keep any of the corsets I make forever, they feel incomplete if they’re not out in the world being enjoyed. Which means that my Moths (of which there was meant to be six but are now actually fourteen or so)  will ultimately do one of two things, in addition to being joyous to make:

1) they might buy me time. Another year without a studio. Ie: another year without a big expense. That’s potentially another year to spend time pursuing other things, all the personal aims that I’ve got in mind for 2017. 


2) they might let me do some of those things which require money rather than time. If I can save my eventual Moth earnings, it can go towards land, a car, a horse, education, or a mini-studio… any number of possibilities depending on where I am in life at that time. 

It just hadn’t occurred to me. I prepped more Moths than Butterflies (just because it happened that we had more of those pale colours than bold ones)  and never even thought, “ah yes, future earnings.” Thought of them as future art and was glad of the opportunity, didn’t consider much else. 

But whether they eventually buy me free time, experiences, or things, what a happy realisation! November-self got progressively less fit and more stiff and sore, but hey, it was worth it. Thanks past-self, you’ve done me right. 

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