Work-induced lethargy

In today’s shock discovery, sitting on your backside working all day makes you really tired. It’s a thing we all already know, but when you have an active week of doing whatever you like, then go back to an ordinary work day involving admin and emails and sewing and sitting, you realise how much of a difference it makes. I’m shattered. Swam after work, but thinking that I should really do it beforehand. Ah, but the struggle of waking up early in the dark…  

Anyway, there’s more light with each passing day! I love it, am feeling energised by it. Stables tomorrow (finally back, hurrah!), wonder what the weather will be like, haha. 

Did a little bit of work on the book today, am behind schedule, apologies. Ever closer though! Just looked at some of the digitising my graphic designer (Leanne Mallinder, google her!) has been doing, the patterns, example flossing guide, and such are looking amazing. I also took a moment tonight to edit a couple more images of the bespoke Scarab corset (as shown modelled by Hannah Robinson, below). It’s now on the other side of the world, but I loved this piece! It was one of my corsetmaking highlights of 2016. These pictures were taken before we added the last detail (goldwork check “beads”), but it’s still super pretty. 

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