Discovered a new way to multi-task today (though actually, I think what ends up happening is you do both things slightly less well, but nevermind that for now…). 

The refurbished kit at my gym now let’s you browse youtube, huzzah! Treadmills, etc. are dull as hell and generally music is the only way to make it interesting and energetic, but since I sometimes go in to build stamina more than sweat having a distraction like youtube is no bad thing. Today I watched an hour of Karen Rohlf (a very clever and conscientious horse-person, recommended to me months ago by my also clever friend Signe), catching up on bits of footage I hadn’t seen before. Plus an old favourite. I love how she concisely describes the purpose of dressage here:

Then went to the library and read for an hour. Picked up a sweet little book called The Eighty Dollar Champion (true story). But you know, I’m in a sappy mood for some reason today. First Karen’s video resonated more strongly than it even usually does, then little bits from this book caused a couple of lumps in my throat. Not least a quote from Christopher Reeve in the front, whose story and character always has an effect on me… 

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable.”  

Lovely Christopher. And within the text itself (about jumping, but applies to any good moments with horses)… 

“The horse who jumps well jumps for the joy of flight; the rider he brings along with him receives a bountiful gift that is completely undeserved.”  

It’s that swelling feeling of joy in your chest. Goes hand-in-hand with a slight vulnerability. No idea why it’s sprung up today! Perhaps just because of a good, active, horse-themed week with extra time outdoors.  

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