The opposite of “flow”

That’s me today. Supplies to finish orders have been delayed by possibly three weeks, so work is somewhat stunted. But then I woke up this morning and thought, “I’ll play, then!” Dug out a couple of the Butterfly corsets (note, they’re not sold out, they’re just not ready yet so I’ve deactivated the listings: and the embellishment options I have for them, and then felt stuck. 

Eventually settled on some gold and black lace for the bright gold scoop-topline overbust and I’m happy with how it’s going, but I’m just not quite feeling that sense of flow. I think it’s because I’m having an oddly shy few days in general. Music isn’t helping and I’m not even singing along whilst I work, which I normally do if by myself. It’s like I don’t even have the confidence to sing in private today, and the two things normally go hand-in-hand. I generally don’t shut up when corsetmaking by myself.  

The cat’s been merrily dozing on the futon all day and looks content and settled, its so sweet. I should try to channel his self-confidence and sense of conviction! 

I’m doing a softly symmetric lace placement on this goden corset. Pure gold Solstiss beneath, then black/gold on top. May add some solid black antique lace above that, and/or perhaps some black beading or goldwork check beads scattered about. Depends on whether I feel like pushing the glitzy gold or the opulent black details. I’m thinking the latter. 

Dug out the 23″ broche underbust that we have for sale. Kind of fancied adding a splash of lace to it, but won’t do without a buyer’s say-so since someone may well want it as a hard-wearing and plain waist-trainer. Popped a couple of pictures on Instagram at any rate. 

In other news, the wonderful lady who commissioned the Scarab corset popped a picture up the other day. I’ve just shared it on the Facebook page and you can see it to the right here too. Looks so lovely on her… Sleek lines with a smooth rib and rounded hip, bones laid down edge-to-edge, just like the late-Victorian corsets that I find so inspiring… But with the contemporary flavour of a rich colour and wild embellishment. I’m definitely going to have to make at least one corset awash with lace blossoms this year… I can’t remember exactly what shades I have, but I think I’ve a lot of pale lilacs, blues, and some reds/pinks. I really should do that soon, actually, so that I’m ready for when the world starts blooming around us. I’d love to do some more photos like at the castle shoot in 2015 (when Helen Teiman modelled the Falling Blossoms corset). 

In the meantime, thedailystoic on instagram has a timely reminder for us: 

“Today I escaped anxiety. Or no, I discarded it, because it was within me, in my own perceptions – not outside.” – Marcus Aurelius. 

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