Freezing fog

We went up Mam Tor with some friends yesterday. It was beautiful. Freezing fog so dense that we couldn’t see any views, nor see how far we had to climb, but quiet and cold and sparkling in its own way. 

Does anyone remember the Snow Spider? I think it’s a children’s book, but I’m sure there was a television adaptation when I was a kid. I used to have a spider brooch (pinched from my mum) which had half a marble as its body and a green cut-glass stone as its head. I think the white fog and frost yesterday may be as close as I see to proper winter this year, it was lovely.  

The day before was stables, lovely as ever. Really cold though. Worse than Mam Tor, I shivered through most of the day and took hours to warm up once home. So good to be outside and working though, regardless of the temperature.  

Just had a hot chocolate with a friend in town. She said that a person is very much a product of what they *do*, in a practical, manual sense. I think that’s right. Small day-to-day choices, the way you use your hands, the way you interact with the world. It’s where your identity comes from and it can be consciously molded. 

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