Deliberately incomplete

Took over three hours to get to sleep last night. And once I had, the cat started scratching at the door for attention. Bloody hell. 

Walked around the Clent Hills yesterday. The weather turned flaysome, sharp stinging rain pushed into your neck by strong winds. Beautiful fresh air and views though. 

Resumed my winged horses upon returning home. I’ve got 26 drawings ready and would like to have at least 30 for the book I think. Though one or two of these, I might scrap, amend, or re-do. But I’m just nit-picking really. When I got them out yesterday, I’d forgotten what my thoughts had been regarding which characters to do more of, whether I needed more portraits, pairs, or full scenes. But most alarmingly, as I flicked through them I thought, “something’s off, something’s missing, they’re not good enough.” Soon I realised what it was. Something is missing. Because it’s meant to be. They’re colouring book images, they are by definition unfinished.  

I really hope to get them done and scanned in soon, as if want to have a play colouring one or two in myself! I’m thinking all I would do is more black pen with metallic (or single-colour) highlights. But I do have my fashion markers, so perhaps I should brave something more comprehensive too. Anyway, more drawing today, let’s see how we get on. Still waiting on supplies for corsetry, hence using today for this instead.  

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