A productive work day

Sent a little mail-out about the Butterflies today. Shared an update on facebook too, but alas, as per usual facebook no longer reaches many people effectively. I’m not complaining, it works wonderfully if you put the time into good content and staying on top of current trends. But it seems less and less useful for brands like mine, especially during 2017. 

Anyway, I’ve remembered that I still need to finish my website updates! I got so far, but still need to have clearer links to the Butterflies and Moths, need to get the mailing list sign-up form visible again, and I’m sure there’s other things I’ll have forgotten. Perhaps next week. 

Holly has been adding steels to two client corsets today. There’d been a month’s delay with the factory (and you can’t get our favourite spiral steel any other way), but we’re on again now. Top binding, eyelets, then the last binding. Hopefully those two pieces will be on track for completion before the end of the month. 

I think I’ve finished the glossary for the corsetmaking book now. It gave me a thought to do a little booklet of endless flossing templates and call it a “Flossary”, haha. Have also made progress on the pegasus colouring book today, finished a couple of details and dug out my CreateSpace sample book to check how my various fashion pens and such are accepted by the paper. It’s actually pretty good, doesn’t bleed through if you have a light touch and I’d be recommending putting a sheet of card behind each drawing whilst you work anyway. The internet tells me that people have also had great success with watercolour (even layered up, just used slightly drier than usual to avoid buckling), gel pens, and of course pencils are no problem. So that’s exciting! A step closer. 

Since my prior experience tells me that with new affordable products sales come thick and fast and then tend to die off to nothing, my plan is to exploit that first flurry of excitement by having it that proceeds from the first week are ear-marked as fundraising for the community stables I volunteer at. I’ll need everyone’s enthusiasm and help in promoting it, so that we can try to have a really good week. Never sold a colouring book before, naturally, so I’ve zero idea how it’ll do! But fingers crossed. 

It’s been a good work day. Many little things ticked off the list. The cat has demanded a lot of attention which is inconvenient, but very cute. I’m kind of tired now though, really should get to the gym in the mornings on a work day. 

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