Feathers, stars and fell ponies

I am on the boat with a needy CatFace today. Alas, he will have to make do with fewer cuddles than he would like as I’m glued to the laptop. 

Well, I’m almost done for the day actually. Which is just as well, sitting at the computer has made me feel very lethargic. Yesterday morning I scanned in all my winged horse drawings, cleaned them up in photoshop, and laid out the book PDF to the best of my abilities. My graphic designer Leanne (who is laying out the corsetry book) would have a fit, I’m sure. But I’m hoping there aren’t too many ways one can get the positioning, resolution, etc. of a black line drawing incorrect. Famous last words. 

So the interior and cover PDFs are in for review again following a couple of tweaks this morning. Once that’s done I’ll be ordering a printed copy to see how it’s coming together.   

Most of the images are rather minimal compared to a lot of contemporary colouring books, but I’m fine with that. John said, “draw the colouring book you would have wanted as a pony-mad child” and so that is what I have done. I did have fun making something more complex this morning though, combining a few of the individual images into one collage. Really good fun, so if I turn out any future colouring books/images I might play around with this idea a bit more. 

Truly though, what a lot of work. Who’d have thought? I do want to do more though. Just for the pleasure of it, if nothing else. Perhaps another book or two, perhaps a diary, who knows. 

In other news, I phoned about arranging some driving lessons today. Hearing back tomorrow. I’m ambivalent about driving, have never fancied it and still don’t, hence making it to 34 years of age without learning. I’m also a bit scared of the crazy people on the roads! There are no rules in Birmingham. But, it would potentially make horse-related future-fun easier to achieve, which I am taking as my motivation. 

Hoping to visit home again soon. Definitely will during April, but would be nice to fit it in during March too. Mum called me yesterday to tell me that she had bumped into the people that had a Fell pony or two in the field behind our house when I was a toddler. I was only two or three, so I don’t remember, but apparently this was the first time I was put on horseback (just held there directly on the pony’s back, standard) and mum says I was beaming. Well who wouldn’t be? She blamed the owner for all my pony-related requests thereafter. The pony was only a baby herself and her name was Harrier. Harriers are hunters of hares (dogs, hawks), and so I wonder if the name Harriet (which I was almost called) is related. The internet just says Harriet means “home ruler”, so perhaps the similarity is merely that. Anyway, apparently poor old Harrier passed away just recently. Made a good age in her mid-thirties. Was rather bittersweet to hear about it.  

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