First driving lesson!

Had my first driving lesson today! 

Things got muddled at the last moment as the guy I’d been recommended called me up to cancel. He’s over-booked with teaching other teachers and felt it would be wrong to do a few lessons with me when he knew he’d have to ditch me in a couple weeks time. What an honest gentleman. 

But, he recommended someone else local to the stables who happened to be free and, it turns out, is a thoroughly lovely instructor! Calm, clear and encouraging, exactly what I need. So I was a bit nervous about my lesson, then didn’t have to worry as it was cancelled, then was nervous again when it was rescheduled with this new guy! But the lesson itself was really good in the end. I did well (beginner’s luck), enjoyed it (who’d have thought!), and was told that I was good with the pedals (sewing on variable-sped domestic machines has come in useful for educating my feet, perhaps!). 

So, all told, I’m looking forward to more. Not looking forward to the expense or how long it’s going to take or dealing with the insanity of Birmingham’s busier roads, will have to dig deep and find some patience for the process… But it is what it is.  

Nice little car too. Don’t have a real frame of reference of course, but it felt pretty easy to handle. 

Need to phone mum tonight, I had a printed copy of the colouring book sent to her address for her thoughts, should have arrived today. 

Ah, I feel like I have more to write, but it’s only excess energy from the driving lesson. Best go!  

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