Ah, so close! As I said the other day, my mum has a proof printed copy of the winged horse colouring book and I’d like to see a copy myself before hitting “publish”. But, my mother is hard work to get hold of. Never answers the landline (which, to be fair, isn’t in her half of the house) and never has her mobile phone charged or on. 

So I thought to myself, “I’m confident enough re: copy, it’s only the image quality and placement that I want to check… perhaps I’ll just order myself another copy before publicising the listings.” 

Alas, because reasons, I can’t get a hold of an affordable copy for a week or so anyway. With CreateSpace you can order author copies at cost, but they are printed in the USA so it ends up expensive to ship. Unless you’re happy to wait almost two months, ha. Might as well just work on getting hold of mum to send her copy. But I feel so impatient about it now! So excited to see it. Mostly because I want to know everything has printed okay so that I am free to do whatever I like with the original drawings (and then of course, open up to sales). There are one or two that I would like to add more detail and colour too. I really want to break out the silver and gold pens. 

But no! Must be patient a few more days. What’s a few days after three months of patiently drawing, scanning, and so on? I do hate waiting once I’ve got an idea in my head though. I like to have a question/problem, research solutions, and then implement them. Fast, decisive, educated, done. But hey ho, patience is a virtue that I need to develop so this is just another opportunity to practice. 

Excited though. And already considering a unicorn book to follow. If my winged horses are made of air, frost, and moonlight, I think the unicorns would be made of water, broken light, and seaweed. 

Friends over for dinner last night, was lovely. Barely left the boat all day though, so bad. Spent the day tidying, but kept getting distracted by small, fun, DIY projects, so time just ran away with me. Then I was putting my broken china pony safely on a shelf and managed to slice my hand open on a sharp edge. Tiny but very deep, blood everywhere. So many things are falling apart this month! I might come out of March feeling like less of a go-getter than I did these past two months. Anyway, I sat on the sofa feeling sorry for myself for a while, so that was more time wasted. No exercise yesterday, nothing, and barely any food. But nevermind, dinner was lovely, everyone was on good form, Cat provided entertainment and cuddles, and I do love chilling on my little boat. It’s all I want right now. My little boat, some intellectual stimulation, physical work in the fresh air, animals and artistic scribbles… It’s a lovely life. 

Today, Holly and I have made good progress on client work. The Moonchild corset is finished (just waiting on lacing) and very delicious she is too. Must take a picture for Instagram. Then a watery cincher for another client needed spiral steels and embellishment, so we’ve been doing that too. Had fun sewing lace on this morning, haven’t had much opportunity to do so for a few weeks. 

We got talking about schedules last night and I thought, my readers possibly don’t know exactly what a day in the life of a corsetmaker is like. Well the answer is varied. Especially now that I’m so very much part-time. I have my Monday with John as he works weekends, then Tuesday is work with Holly.

At the moment, our priority is finishing outstanding projects to free things up. Both in terms of workload and psychology! My wonderful photographer friend InaGlo asked if I had any new things to shoot the other day and the answer is no! A couple of things are begun, but they’re not priority and with so many personal things to focus on this year they need to wait for now. Anyway, our Tuesdays usually involve me dealing with emails, admin, blog, finances, and dull stuff like that, whilst Holly does the actual sewing stuff. But that’s because we have to clear projects like client orders, the corsetry book, pay off my business credit card, and so on. Once all that’s further along we will have more freedom to play with couture flights of fancy

Wednesday and Thursday are volunteering days at the stables (mucking out, general dogsbody stuff you know, good physical activity), so the evenings are not for corsetry. 

Friday tends to be a chance to have a day off alone, so I go walking or see a friend or go to the library. Just chill. Then the weekends, well I’m keeping them free as I’m trying to visit home more this year. It’s not quite happening as I’d like due to monies (train fares are prohibitive) but I’m just very aware of time passing. Have been since I was sixteen. My mum isn’t old, but she’s been on-and-off sick a lot over the past year and I normally only get home once or twice a year which just isn’t good enough. But when that doesn’t happen I use the weekends to focus on personal projects anyway. Drawing, the colouring book, writing, the gym, the boat, lots of canal walks and lots of equine anatomy study. John teaches on the weekend, so it gives me a good chance to focus in solitude, very important.

So as you can see, a “day in the life” for this corsetmaker currently involves very little corsetry at all! If you are what you do (more than what you think), then am I really a corsetmaker right now? I guess I am, on some Tuesdays! But I now also get to be a student, a walker, an artist, a volunteer, a better daughter… It’s a much more well-rounded lifestyle than before, even if before I was madly prolific as a corsetmaker and turning out some very satisfying work. 

And with all that mind, I should get back to it! Step-by-step, tick things off the list, craft the constraints and freedoms that you want from life. Very fortunate. 

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