Driving lesson number four

I am just so run down. Have massively messed up my iron intake these last few weeks and it’s caught up with me. Today, volunteering, I was putting ponies away and when putting Bobby away, opened the door of the portaloo (which is next to his stable) and thought, “nope, horse won’t fit in there…” before leading him into his actual stable. My brain and my body just aren’t up to speed when I reduce my iron. Need more oxygen travelling around! 

Another horse, Mo, decided to have a confused moment too. I was opening the gate to her field when she spotted a yellow carrot-shaped object on the floor and reached down to sniff it. I’m not even sure what this object is, but it’s some sort of plastic toy and is about 10 or 12 inches long. Horse then picked it up, took it entirely into her mouth, and I thought, “oh Christ, horse is going to kill herself.” Luckily, she’s a gentle soul, so opening her mouth and removing the object before she properly started chomping was no problem. But seriously. I think her brain switched off for a moment too, today! 

Fourth driving lesson. First time in the rain and first time doing three-point turns. Piece of cake, really. But overall I was less good this week, a bit less smooth on the pedals. Didn’t manage to fit in lunch beforehand and think, combined with existing fatigue, this was not ideal. Memo to self: eat before driving lessons, got to stay sharp. 

Have been playing with driving theory apps on my phone, also a piece of cake. Most things are common sense, but the ones that just require memorising (stopping distances and such) will come soon enough. Am quite enjoying the whole process. It’s certainly much more fun than I thought it would be. I don’t know how I’d justify the expense of running a car (though I do now want one, as it would help with future horsey fun), but we’ll deal with that when we get there. 

Right, dinner time and then hopefully an early night.  

Oh, was telling one of the apprentices about my “mouse-dun” coloured corset today, saying that I might put a call out on Facebook, etc. in case anyone has a mellow, mouse-dun pony (something photogenic, naturally, like a Highland or Andalucian) that loves to prick its ears up for camera. I’d really love to shoot that corset alongside such a beastie. Hopefully we’ll shoot many of the Moths more than once anyhow. 

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