Pleasant surprises

A good productive day, in the end, which surprised me. 

I slept the sleep of someone who is deeply knackered… Apart from when Cat woke me up by bringing a live rat aboard and letting it go. The damn thing has gotten into the walls and was scratching around somewhere near my head during the night. Eek. I am doubtful it will find its own way off the boat alive, but you never know. 

By the time Holly arrived this morning I was already thinking that waking up had been a bad idea. So I set her off with beading and went straight back to bed for a couple of hours. Hurrah for good employees, she’s so chill and reliable. Felt physically exhausted but also pained from the waist down, same as last week. I didn’t volunteer on Thursday because of it, and it takes quite a lot for me to decide that I’d be better off at home than out in fresh air and mud. I think it all traces back to my iron levels, so hopefully that’ll be sorted soon. 

Anyway, boring preface aside, I thought today would be a write-off. But in the end, Holly finished the beading and lace on a lovely client’s watery cincher (photos to follow) and I made some steps forwards in terms of cataloguing our moths and butterflies. The moths page is no longer blank! I’ve got nearly half of them listed, albeit without full information or pictures. But it’s a start. Just imagine them all lined up in an exhibition or book, they’re going to be so lovely. 

Updated the Cyclamen Butterfly as we laced it onto a mannequin today and enjoyed writing a little bit about the moths, especially the Mouse corset, which is just more delicious every time I look at it. That colour… 

Truffle (bottom) and Mouse (top). 
Truffle (bottom) and Mouse (top). 

This month I have been feeling increasingly low, which I think is just iron levels again, as noted. I began feeling like I was falling behind and “failing” (not a word that I usually give any significance, I never consider myself a “failure” in any bad way). But actually, we’ve done most of the things we set out to do.

We’ve launched the colouring book and raised £100 during the first week for Summerfield Stables (thanks to all who bought a copy!). We’ve finished all but one of our outstanding orders. We’ve progressed on butterflies and moths, and found our first collector for one of the former (as always, the listings say “sold out” just to prevent people from buying without discussing with us first as we wish to ensure that you are well matched to your chosen couture corset). I’ve cleared a bit more of my own debt (which is neither here-nor-there, except that I would like to have no pointless outgoings by the time I’m ready to buy a horse and/or patch of land). I’ve begun my driving lessons (which are surprisingly fun!) and despite having less than zero energy I’ve not stepped too much backwards in my fitness efforts. All of which is good news. So despite feeling to the contrary, March has actually been a success and “future me” will be glad of the things we ticked off the To Do list. You can’t always trust your own emotions.

I’m trusting them where the corsets are concerned though… They’re going to be absolutely delicious.  

A few of the moths and butterflies when they were being sewn in the studio. 
A few of the moths and butterflies when they were being sewn in the studio. 

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