I kind of want to cut something up…

I’m tired and happy following Day One of the equine dissection that Sharon May-Davis is holding this week. How fascinating everything is! Being a craftsperson my natural inclination (upon seeing something being carefully taken apart with a scalpel) is to want to get involved, which, of course, isn’t part of the deal with this course. We’re watchers rather than doers. I surprised myself with how much I wanted to be involved though. I wondered if I might have mild squeamishness but no… just felt curious to know how it felt in your hands when the anatomists were noting things like the difficulty cutting through thickened/damaged areas of fascia. 

It’s largely confirming the few bits and pieces that I already know, whilst also introducing me to areas that I haven’t really looked at yet. I’ve a feeling these three days are only going to whet my appetite further though. Pretty much everyone else there is a physio or some such, but I think I’ve managed to ask a couple of questions without disgracing myself too badly! And, truly, the most fascinating aspect of it is the individualism of the beastie on the table. Muscles, etc. tell a story and it’s wonderful watching knowledgable people unravel that story.  Our lad this week has some of the usual signs of forceful riding, plus more damage too. Sharon laid flowers on his neck whilst working, something that she apparently always does in a display of sensitivity and empathy. She also began the day by saying that for every horse dissected at least another twenty are helped. I imagine she’s being modest there. If people truly care about them and are open to new knowledge, how could this information help but ripple out in a beneficial way to more and more and more horses? 

I’m too tired for any further writing, but UK people do note… Sharon is giving a lecture in Worcester this Saturday evening all about her recent research. Just search for it on Facebook and you’ll find the event info. I’d thought not to go as I’m skint, but now I’m keen to find the money (£65), it’s just all so interesting. I believe she’s also talking as part of the Horses Inside Out conference in 2018, so that’s another one worth planning ahead for. 

Right, got to rest my brain now, need it working again for tomorrow!  

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