It’s the kind of weather that makes you want to buy a horse! 

Glorious sunshine and a gentle breeze. Oh, I just want to spend a month on a hill watching beasties… I genuinely might spend a summer month at my mum’s this year, pretend I’m a student again, haha.

The Exmoors at Sutton Park gave us a gift this Friday. After a largely rural April and two lovely days back volunteering, I declared on Thursday night that I needed at least three rural days per week to stay sane! So John took me to the park and it was lovely.

We came across a few ponies grazing and saw one of the more distinctive characters. A noisy young gelding who we’ve seen leave his group on a couple of visits, trotting and sniffing and shouting and exploring, only to turn around and canter back to his friends when he finally realises he’s found nothing interesting and no-one’s followed him. Then we sat in the sunshine chatting for a while before deciding it was time to leave. We were perfectly satisfied with having seen a handful of ponies, since sometimes you see none. But this time we were treated to a lovely sight right at the end of our visit. We were walking towards the carpark via the shallow pond when the herd suddenly appeared behind us. They were moving with purpose. Down to the pond they went where much refreshment was taken, bellies were splashed, and dust was rolled in. Another character I often notice (just because she’s easy to spot) is an older mare with a more muted colouring than the rest and on the slightly taller side. It was nice to see her again. 

I’d been so desperate to get out of the city, away from fumes and concrete and bricks and noise. Watching the Exmoors play in the water was a perfect antidote. Moments like that may manage to keep me in Birmingham a short while longer. But I confess, I’m starting to want a change again. 

Fred was never a splasher. Streams were for walking through and ponds were for drinking from. He was a big fan of pond weed during the warmer months. We used to joke he must be getting tadpoles too (protein!) as he’d always muscle up around that time. 

Iron finally levelling out! I’m feeling so much brighter and hopeful and awake again! Isn’t it mad, that’s needed two months to really take effect. 

Built yet more shelves this week. When will it end? Actually I shouldn’t say that, once I’ve run out of shelves to build I’ll have to do something more substantial and fiddly, like sort out taps and pipes. Dull. 

Right, time to sign off! 


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