Mauritius – 27.5″ waist

Mauritius Gold

A brightly shining golden corset of silk duchess, with beautiful generous curves, flowing lines, and a swooping bustline. 39″ bust (7″ up from waist), 27.5″ waist, 46″ (6″ down from waist).


An bright overbust corset of gold silk duchesse. Black and gold embellishment in progress.

Allergy information: all corsets are made on my narrowboat home. They are stored away carefully, but the work environment includes a coal fire and a short-haired cat!

Up to three instalments possible, email to discuss:

Read on to follow the story of this corset.

December 2016…

This corset began life as one of our uber-toiles and, as with most of those pieces, the idea was to use the toile as an opportunity for creative play.

Once its duty as toile was done, I imagined turning this piece into the Gold Crush corset. Hand-cut beads of goldwork check, heavily encrusting the surface, perhaps with gold lace beneath or other beading to make the embellishment a somewhat thicker layer than those tiny goldwork beads alone would create.

Gold Crush may still come into being, who knows. For now, all I know is that I want to do something to really enjoy and exploit that insanely bling-y golden base.

March 2017…

Ooh deliciousness. Last month we began adding layered French laces to this corset in gold and black/gold. My thinking at this stage is to bump up the black by adding lots of beads and possibly sequins or cut stones. Possibly also a bit of solid black lace on the uppermost layers.

The design will ultimately be symmetrical with a focus on that flattering “V” shape, so she’s going to be a very classic piece.

Since this piece is now far enough along that you can get a sense of how she will turn out, we have decided to open up her listing. This piece can be purchased by clicking the button above or you can email me to arrange up to three instalments. Either way, anticipated completion would be up to three months after purchase or first deposit. Though if you have an event or deadline in mind, do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it.

And of course, if her new owner is local to Birmingham, perhaps we could do a photoshoot when you collect her…

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