Antique Willow – 25″ waist – reserved for Anne


An overbust corset of silver-green silk duchesse. Embellishment to be discovered.


RESERVED FOR ANNE – all details as per email correspondence.

Antique Willow

The silver-green silk of this corset will provide a perfect base for embellishment, whilst the Elizabethan topline combined with late-Victorian patterning creates something both grand and comfortable. 35″ bust (7″ up from waist), 25″ waist, 36″ hip (6″ down from waist). A wealth of steel boning and light antique-inspired construction gives a supremely elegant, curvy, shape. Read on for the story of this corset.

December 2016…

This is a corset that needs a body. It doesn’t look like much on the flat, but its silhouette and overall feeling is heavily inspired by the Pyrite corset from our Where Angels Fear to Tread project.

It is paler, but has a similar watery verdigris feeling to it. As such, I’d really love to revisit those embellishment ideas for the Antique Willow. Fool’s gold, muted bronze tones, metallics that are neither too gold nor too silver.

12th March 2017…

Very pleased that this corset will be going to one of our longstanding clients, Anne. Within her collection of four Sparklewrens, Anne currently has both Bloom and Amethyst, a couple of our absolute favourite designs. For Antique Willow, however, we will indeed be doing something symmetric and grand inspired by the Pyrite corset. I cannot wait to get embellishing!


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