Caribou & Saddle Grey – 21″ waist


The Moth corsets are my personal project for 2017/2018. Whilst the Butterflies are an opportunity to play with some richly opulent colours and embellishments (classics like black lace and sparkle), the Moths are intended as a cohesive collection of couture-level pieces that I hope to use in many photoshoots and possibly other projects (a book? an exhibition?) before finding them their forever homes.

Expressions of interest and possible reservations are welcome with up to three instalments possible, email to discuss:

An overbust corset with smooth historically-inspired lines, made from a creamy silk duchesse and mid-grey hip and bust gores. Embellishment to be discovered.

December 2016…


The Stag. As with all our corsets this year, the design of this piece may develop… But my initial idea is very wintry. A central stag motif in white and silver with metal cutwork shooting-stars (reminiscent of 1940s burlesque headdresses) would be softened by pale laces, fringing, and seed beads scattered across the surface to give the sense of powdery snow.

This is perhaps the only “moth” corset that I am imagining taking a different direction, pursuing asymmetry instead of wing-like symmetry. But time will tell.

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