Cocoa – 21″ waist


The Moth corsets are my personal project for 2017/2018. Whilst the Butterflies are an opportunity to play with some richly opulent colours and embellishments (classics like black lace and sparkle), the Moths are intended as a cohesive collection of couture-level pieces that I hope to use in many photoshoots and possibly other projects (a book? an exhibition?) before finding them their forever homes.

Expressions of interest and possible reservations are welcome with up to three instalments possible, email to discuss:

An overbust corset with smooth historically-inspired lines, made from a chocolate brown silk duchesse. Embellishment to be discovered.

March 2017…

For the Cocoa Moth, I am considering a dusty and highly detailed symmetric embellishment. Our “moth” corsets are so called because of their delicate colouring and a wish to focus on symmetry and intricacy in the designs, but even so, I imagine that Cocoa will be the most obviously moth-like corset in the collection.


You can see Cocoa at the bottom of the pile of dusty corsets shown to the right. Truffle is above (with some lace in place), then Mouse, Caribou, Caribou/Grey, Silver/Gold, and Wishbone.

With a 21″ closed waist and a tall 16″ front, the Elizabethan-inspired bustline (reminiscent of our Pyrite and Unicorn corsets) will create an elegant line with modest coverage. Sometimes you want a dramatic plunge or a swooping cleavage, and sometimes you want a simple silhouette as a base for interesting surface decoration.

Screen Shot 2017-03-28 at 15.23.24

Full measurements will follow at a later date.

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