Liquid Gold – 19″ waist


An overbust corset of rich gold iridescent silk. Embellishment to be discovered.

Reserved for Callie.


Allergy information: all corsets are made on my narrowboat home. They are stored away carefully, but the work environment includes a coal fire and a short-haired cat!

Liquid Gold

A rich gold overbust with scoop bustline and closed front. 27″ bust (7″ up from waist, 19″ waist, 31″ hip (6″ down from waist), with a 15″ centre-front. A wealth of steel boning and light antique-inspired construction gives this surprising corset a supremely elegant, slender, shape. Read on for the story of this corset.

13th December 2016…

This gold is exceptional. The silk is an iridescent duchesse and this is actually the “wrong” side of the fabric. I had it left over from a corseted gown project a few years ago, in which you could see both sides and thus both colours (the duchesse side is a more muted brown-ish gold). But then whilst preparing all our 2017 designs, I saw this silk again and just thought, “yes, let’s make something opulent!”

The colour is very rich and the texture somewhat textured rather than slippery, being the reverse side of the silk. But even with that texture, the thing that springs to mind for me is fluidity. The Liquid Gold corset makes me think of liquid gilt I’ve used in craft projects before. It makes me think of those gemstone necklaces you can get where a piece of quartz is held or almost encased by “melted” gold. Perhaps that is what this corset wants, crystal encrusting and gold plated components. I’d still love to see if it’s possible to electroplate a corset. I’ve been told that you can’t plate fabric, but Viktor & Rolf have done it… I’ve read elsewhere that you need to have a metal thread running through the fabric, or that you need to paint it (with something to attract the plating) first, like they do with children’s shoes. But I don’t know enough about it yet. If technology and money were no barrier, I’d want this corset partially dipped in gold plating. Dripping from the top down. It’s an idea I had in 2011 (when moving into the pop-up boutique), and alas still haven’t managed to make it happen yet.

2nd April 2017…

This corset is now reserved for a lovely lady! And she’s interested in the possibility of some sort of gold plating, being a chemistry student and knowing a little bit about the processes we could possibly used. Collaborative knowledge and creativity, here we come!

My key questions for this would be: 1) can we create a “dripping” or “melting” sort of effect, with the metallic surface covering the bust only… 2) would a company that “silvers” children’s shoes be up for this… and 3) how do we keep the corset in the right shape so that any solidity created by this process is a help rather than a hindrance to fit…?

Must research.

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