Ruby – 18″ waist


An opulent overbust corset with clean lines and scoop bustline. Made from a richly deep ruby red silk duchesse. Embellishment to be discovered.


Up to three instalments possible, email to discuss:


A rich ruby red overbust with swooping scoop bustline and busk fastening. 26″ bust (7″ up from waist, 18″ waist, 29″ hip (6″ down from waist), with a 15″ centre-front. Lightly constructed but fully-boned, this corset will give slender lines and gentle curves. Read on for the story of this corset.

December 2016…

Though this corset doesn’t have the “butterfly” shaping to the topline, I still consider it a Butterfly and so it is part of this collection. Bold colours, intricate symmetry, and strong lines, that’s the feeling behind these Butterflies. And so it is perhaps no surprise that the way I feel about Ruby is that she should be a true classic.

Inspired by the Cranberry Butterfly that I made years ago, I would like to finish Ruby with black antique lace and complex flossing. I would like to take her a step beyond that too though… Beading, sequins, crystals, and perhaps some off-the-shoulder draped beads to transform her into an evening-wear bodice.

Time will tell. The gap between conception and realisation often allows for a lot of development, unexpected connections, and happy accidents. Ruby is very clear in my mind, but surprises can happen.

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