Ruby/Cyclamen – 22″ waist


An opulent underbust corset with full hips and arching top edge. Made from a richly deep ruby red silk duchesse with bold cyclamen pink hip gores. Embellishment to be discovered.


Up to three instalments possible, email to discuss:


A rich pink overbust with butterfly bustline and busk fastening. 27″ bust (4″ up from waist, 22″ waist, 37″ hip (6″ down from waist), with a 10″ centre-front. With a sleek line from the ribcage into the waist and a very generous hipspring, this is going to be an opulent little corset.

Read on for the story of this corset.

12th December 2016… 

Pink and red… This generally is not a colour combination that I’d consider a good idea. And yet when I put these two side-by-side I immediately wanted to create a corset featuring the unique energy that comes about from such a strong collision.

I don’t know what I want to do with embellishment yet. I don’t want to interrupt the colours. If I could find a lace or embellishment option that matched the cyclamen pink well enough that might be an option… Or I could bring in another tone entirely, perhaps fool’s gold like the Fe cincher had.

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