The reason corsetmakers always joke they need a clone of themselves…

This year, I never felt like I had enough time for the two main interests in my life. Despite taking a year “off” the split focus on two passions (horses and corsetry) has been a challenge.

When you are someone who will throw themselves in deeply, and who does best when they really focus on one thing, how do you run two very different passions side-by-side? How do you bounce between the two mindsets, activity levels, and daily routines, without impeding the success of either “mode”?

Well, I’m still figuring that out. I have a couple of strategies to take into next year to make it all easier. Short version: I think it’s about dedicating proper chunks of time to Passion One or Passion Two, not fluttering back and forth between them on a daily or even weekly basis. Properly separated project work.

Anyway, you might see what I’m getting at.

I am keeping my corsetry work part-time for next year too! What this means…

  • I don’t intend to take a studio, which means we can’t make anything from scratch. No bespoke. 
  • (Unless you have a project idea that I just can’t say no to, and the budget behind it to hire a studio for its creation…)
  • The only corsets available will be the moths and butterflies that we’ve already prepped.
  • These are only of interest to us if we can finish them with almost complete creative freedom. It’s how I do my best work, and what point is there in having an artist’s work if its not their best? I’d rather they sit unfinished for three more years than be finished without flare and passion.
  • They will take a long time to complete. Like, months or a year or more. Sitting down sewing is very bad for your body. I can’t keep saying that the creative thrill of making something couture is worth the damage from sitting for days on end. I need to be outside in the mud and fresh air, it’s the only time I don’t feel somewhat broken physically. The work has to come second to the wellbeing (how often do corsetmakers forget that?!). But of course, work still has to happen.
  • So the corsets won’t be undervalued anymore. You’d think after what, eight years(?), that I’d have learned that lesson. I’m no where near as bad as I used to be, but I still waver with about half of my prices, so overall I struggle. That’s pointless and it’s getting in the way of living life. Currently marked prices will be honoured, if you get in touch before I review them.

I will be updating the website soon, to make finding all the existing corsets easier, as I’ve been made aware that people don’t really know what we have available. In the meantime though, feel free to enjoy something different.

I’m really delighted to have work featured in the Underpinnings Museum! It’s a pleasure to have our quirky stuff in amongst all those gorgeous examples of couture and vintage lingerie and shapewear.

Look here!

I’ll update the mailing list once I’ve updated the site, but do search through it now if you want to get in there before anyone else does. Nosiness and curiosity will be rewarded when you realise there’s a corset you have to have and didn’t realise existed!

Best wishes,

Jenni x

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