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As of September 2016 (our seven year anniversary) we are no longer accepting bespoke orders. 

For those curious, I’m taking 2017 (and possibly 2018) “off” from bespoke to explore some interests which have had to take a back seat whilst pursuing corsetry these past nine years. I’ll still be embellishing and selling one couture corset per month (the Butterflies), plus creating a separate collection of pieces as a personal project (the Moths). But for now we are finishing up our last few bespoke orders. We also have a small number of bargain sample corsets to sell. 

Please note, as we now work from home our corsets are embellished in an environment that includes a short-haired cat and a coal fire! I also volunteer with horses at a charity stables each week. Items are stored and worked on cleanly, of course, but do keep this in mind in case of allergies, etc.  

As ever, I’ll use this blog space to write down whatever ramblings come to mind. Which, fair warning, has slowly been less about corsetry and more about horses over the past little while… Many posts have cross-overs between the two though, since playing around with unexpected parallels and connections is always fun.

History tells me that the readers here will be largely split by interest, so to avoid boring anyone (haha!) here are the three main topics/tags that I think you will be most interested in: 


  • Business: thoughts and experiences from being a self-employed corsetmaker
  • Corsetmaking: philosophies of making and some construction techniques
  • Equestrian: merry experiences volunteering at Summerfield Stables, plus notes from my self-directed equine anatomy studies. 


I did toy with the idea of making a totally new blog for my horsey leanings and learnings, since making notes on everything I’m observing and studying is much fun. But for now, I think I’ll keep everything in the one place.

So, time for a fun and “different” 2017. Thanks to all for your enthusiasm and generosity towards our corsetry over the years! We’ll have to wait to see what the next two years bring.  

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