Alongside corsetmaking, I love to write and to draw. I have just published my first colouring book (a collection of winged horses), have begun a second, and am in the process of finalising edits on my (long-time-coming) book all about creative corsetmaking. Each of these projects is an absolute joy and I hope you will support our efforts by picking up copies for both yourself and others. We would also love it if people would spread the word far and wide!

Please check back to see when our new titles become available. And please tell your friends, your libraries, your local bookshops, and your families, all about our books. Word-of-mouth is the best thing for projects like this! Thank you for reading.

Feathers, Stars, and Moonlight


A personal project during our “year off”, this is a collection of 31 stunning illustrations just waiting for you to finish them. Hand-drawn by myself (a former horse-mad child and now a horse-loving adult), the book is suitable for all ages. Since so many of our corsetry collectors are also creative in their own right, I really hope you’ll love this book. It’s an ideal gift, whether to yourself or someone else, and each image is presented by itself allowing you to cut out and frame the pages.

Available through Amazon, just search for the title or my name: “Feathers, Stars, and Moonlight” by Jenni Louise Rose Hampshire.

A Personal Approach to Corsetmaking

Screen Shot 2016-11-01 at 17.23.53

Coming soon is my first book on corsetry! Having written many corsetmaking and business articles for Foundations Revealed over the years, we thought it was finally time to write a whole book. That was three years ago… But we are almost there now!

Keep your eyes peeled, more will be revealed soon and the book will be available via Amazon.

The Kelpies


When we think of fairytale horses our minds often go directly to unicorns or the Pegasus. But I often wonder about kelpies. Having completed my colouring book of winged horses, I recently found myself drawing a kelpie, mane tangled with seaweed.

If the first colouring book does well, I hope to put together a second. Fingers crossed!