People have always been very kind about our work. I try to be kind in turn. Primarily because I think it is possibly one of two fundamental qualities that humans should cultivate (the other being curiosity), but also because people share so much with me, and quite without precedent. When people are happy to share their vulnerabilities and daydreams with you, you owe it to them to be serene and kind and vulnerable yourself.

Here are just a few of the many kindnesses you have granted us over the years.

“Oh my goodness Jenni, I think my heart stopped – what beauty! Bloom looks absolutely stunning in the photos. I actually can’t believe she’s going to be mine – pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.”

— Anne, Falling Blossoms participant, owner of Bloom.

“Owning my two Sparklewren pieces makes me feel proud: I own something no-one else does, from a lovely person whose dream I helped to come true.

I wear the burgundy one when I want to feel like a have a secret – I can’t really explain the feeling, but you know how a cat looks when it knows something you don’t? It feels like that.

I wear the Angel’s Wings when I want to feel all glamorous and sparkly and a bit Gothic. It’s part of one of my special party outfits.”

— Elisa, bespoke corsetry client and longterm supporter of our work. The first piece we made for Elisa was the Angel Wings. With strong personal significance the angel wings motif was worked in lace and crystal, at the back of an otherwise classic, black sheer underbust.

“Oh my, my dress looks like it belongs at the Oscars! Or at Couture Fashion Week! It’s absolutely gorgeous, it exceeds anything I ever imagined!

Jenni it is magnificent! I feel so incredibly lucky to wear this masterpiece. ”

— Amanda, bridal client. An absolute delight to work with, you can discover more about Amanda’s Pearls & Poppies gown on our blog:

“My Sparklewren corset is a true work of art – I still can’t get over how exquisite it is, from the perfect fit to the stunning embellishment. This won’t be the last corset I order from Jenni, it’s only a matter of time until I save up for my next one!”

— Karolina, lingerie designer and corsetry collector. Karolina gave me the inspiration of moths, with her corset featuring grey-leopard silk, layered couture/antique laces, beads, crystals, and spikes. It also featured our Birds Wing patterning. A real collector’s piece.

“Ahh Jenni ‘The Swan’, it was just absolutely amazing… I felt amazing in it and it was so me, I just loved it! People were speechless when I told them how you made it… it was sooo perfect! You are totally amazing and I love you for creating such an amazing piece that made our day that more special.”

— Brenda, bridal client. The Swan was a low-backed gown of silk georgette, with lace, pearls and silk flower detailing. Finishing the hand-rolled georgette hem was a joyful experience for me, very meditative. And Brenda was a joy to work with, so creative and relaxed.

“Jenni – once again, thank you so so much for such a fabulous dress and veil, it was oh so perfect and you really are a true artist and designer. It was perfect!”

— Hannah, bridal client and friend. It is a joy when the opportunity arises to make something for someone you have know for years and years. Making Hannah’s wintry bridal gown, with in-built corsetry, was a pleasure. The best part is that I feel the same joy making pieces for new friends and clients too. Each stitch is made with affection. It isn’t just about aesthetic… it’s also about feeling.

“Jenni – I can’t count the compliments I got on the dress yesterday. Thanks for being a big part of making my big day special <3”

— Juliet, bridal client. When I think of this commission, I think primarily of Juliet’s happy tears upon seeing herself in her completed gown for the first time. Then I remember the beautiful wedding photos she sent me. And then I recall our shared love of book/animation, The Last Unicorn! The more I think about it, the more I realise how interesting, sweet and passionate you all are.

“Thank you for creating the most truly beautiful and magical wedding gown. My dress surpassed my imagination and your unique skill, attention to the tiniest details and pure love and devotion you weave into your art is overwhelming. I am utterly mesmerised. I feel clothed in sunshine and happiness even looking at my wedding dress and my wedding day was the first time in my life I have felt truly, unapologetically beautiful. What you create is more than a garment. If clothes were people then I would be my bridal gown.”

— Louise, bridal client and friend. Her Sunshine gown was intended as such… I wished it to be made of sunshine, so that she may feel the affection and care in every tiny detail, and know that it had been done for her and her alone. This is the point of our work, to let people feel as luminous, alive and splendid as they appear to me. Weddings in particular should be joyous.