What a week. Great start to November. In addition to selling some old patterns and revealing the book project, this week has also been really good for actual corsetmaking. Many samples finished and posted, others finished and listed for sale, progress on orders, and I used a chunk of extra time over the past two days … Continue reading Silks…

Lots on! Please read/share/explore our posts to support Sparklewren!

Another Saturday in the studio instead of at the stables. I need to get my hustle on!We've got many sold samples to finish (steel on its way, so we should be on top of that soon), plus other designs still available, and I keep finding things that, with a bit more work, we could get … Continue reading Lots on! Please read/share/explore our posts to support Sparklewren!

Beast mode

A nice, productive day in the studio. Had both Holly and intern Cassy here, so we made a lot of progress! It's making me feel hopeful about being properly prepared for this year off from December. All our older samples are getting finished and finding homes nice and swiftly. And I've remembered five more that we … Continue reading Beast mode


Busy week. As already noted, there has been First Aid training, dressage fun and photography, usual stables activities yesterday, with some couture corsetmaking thrown in-between. We've a bunch of things that need wrapping and posting soon, but just need to finish them first (toiles and such). I need to get in the zone next week, plenty … Continue reading Multi-tasking

The next thing in corsetry

The other week a student sent me some interview questions, one of which made me think about the next trend in corsetry. I don't tend to think of trends in a conscious way, whether that be with the intention of creating one or jumping onto something that will more broadly fit into existing/forthcoming fashion trends... But … Continue reading The next thing in corsetry

Future designs

Today I have mostly been trying to tidy up and prepare for next week! Some Basement Jaxx and Doves has helped. My table is now (closer to) tidy, which is letting me think forward to future designs. We're being really quite selective about the work we do these days. Indeed, we're very lucky that our clients … Continue reading Future designs

A short interruption to bridal week…

...just to have a slight moan about how broken my brain is this afternoon ;-)Tax Return today. Yes, I always end up leaving it to the last minute, but hey ho. It's always fun (depressing) seeing exactly where your cashflow goes, haha! Over 2014-2015 our biggest expenses were rent, then wages... not mine by the way, … Continue reading A short interruption to bridal week…